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Christmas Menu

Why not enjoy a special Christmas dinner here at The Crown. Bookings are now being taken and it couldn’t be …

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Boxing Day Menu

Check out the details for our Boxing Day Menu here.

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New Year’s Eve Tasting Menu

We are now taking bookings for our New Year’s Eve Tasting Menu – full details and the menu can be …

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Our Wine List

As you enter the big heavy doors of The Crown, you will be welcomed by the Cheerful Bar Staff, who …

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Meet The Chef

Mark says his aim at The Crown is to offer affordable excellence, an aim which is reflected in everything from the delicious menu, to an impressive but affordable wine selection and the variety of local beers and quality spirits available.
Mark's background in some of the UK's most distinguished eateries, including periods at Le Gavroche in London and the Waterside Inn at Bray, as well as years working as private chef to a King Hussein of Jordan, means he is amply qualified to deliver stunning food in this charming location.

His presence at The Crown offers a hidden treasure tucked away in the heart of the Sussex countryside.

About Us

The Crown Inn at Horsted Keynes is a historic building dating back to the 16th Century. It has now been serving locals and travellers for over 250 years. In July 2003, lightning struck a power line to the building which resulted in very serious damage and large parts of the building were destroyed. Fortunately the oldest parts were untouched and after being closed for over 5 years it was finally reopened in 2009.

We are pleased to say that in March 2013 another new era has taken place.

Mark Raffan, former chef proprietor of the prestigious "Gravetye Manor" comes to Horsted Keynes via his successful regeneration of the Red Lion at Chelwood Gate. He and his brigade of talented young chefs bring elegant yet relaxed fine dining to the welcoming atmosphere of The Crown.

With comforting real fires in winter, and a glorious patio garden overlooking the village cricket green in summer, the Crown offers an idyllic setting in which to enjoy quality food based on locally sourced seasonal ingredients prepared by the former holder of a coveted Michelin star.

Please take a look around our website to see what The Crown Inn has to offer.


Wedding at Hotel

When I started working as a wedding photographer , I remember seeing beautiful reports on the internet. Many of those weddings were civil and I remember dreaming of working someday for couples who prepare such beautiful weddings. Weddings where it is easy to photograph feelings , emotions . Tears and laughter in equal parts. Because civil weddings have that personal , close point , which allows you to leave your mind blank and simply limit yourself to freezing time. Being in one of those dream weddings brings out a smile of happiness and satisfaction.

This was the wedding of Rocío and Pierre. She from a Sevillian family but born and raised in Badajoz. He French of descent but more Spanish than the first. A mixture of green and blue eyes that gave fruit to her little one, born only 5 months before the wedding. I love couples with personality, who do not get carried away by clichés, and do things in the order they deem appropriate, as the body and time are asking.

Taking advantage of the fact that both the ceremony and the banquet and the party were held at the Hotel Las Bóvedas, they followed my advice to dress in the hotel itself, thus avoiding unnecessary travel, and enjoying the tranquility and space of the Suites. In this way, everyone dressed at their own pace and only had to change rooms to photograph the preparations at the right time.

The ceremony, officiated by family and friends, was simple and emotional, with anecdotes about the couple and interventions on the union of the couple, of coexistence, of love. Discourses full of truth, good advice given from the experience of each participant.

The cocktail dinner allowed all the guests to interact with each other as there were no assigned places, although they prepared different corners in the garden where they could sit for a while to rest their legs, time necessary to be full of energy for the party.

Already in the open bar, it was shown once again that it is you, the couple, who make this something unforgettable. Good music and wanting to have fun is all that is needed.

Security in hotels with high quality locksmith

In hotels, where people who are usually related to tourism and, therefore, may be foreigners, are lodged, the security rate has become a priority.   Locksmithing in hotels, in this way, becomes indispensable for people who go to a hotel.

The  foreign guests in hotels, on the one hand, usually have the necessary documents to leave the country , plus more cash than usual. People who are on business trips, on the other hand, often have electronic gadgets and computers essential to efficiently perform their work.

Therefore, locksmithing of hotels and the consequent security in rooms should be a priority in this type of accommodation.

Currently, digital locksmithing or electronic locksmithing has been standardized in hotels. The latest advances in security have presented in the security market related to tourism high security locks. This type of locks usually appear as combination locks in all types of designs and colors: metallic, white, black, bright, matt chrome …

The great advantage of digital combination locks is that they do not need external power , since their autonomy is permanent. Therefore, if the electricity goes out or the batteries run out, guests will not run the risk of staying out of the room. In addition, the installation of these high security locks is relatively quick and simple. Its price, on the other hand, is highly competitive, compared to the other locks on the market.

The purpose of these keys in the locks, in addition to controlling and restricting access to the rooms, serves to control whether people are inside or outside the room. In this way, cleanings or other services can be organized in a manner more appropriate to each guest.

These combination locks, on the other hand, have more than 8,000 combinations, with a 2- to 8-digit key with numbers and letters . The level of difficulty of each key can be chosen by both the client and the hotel itself.

Other locks in hotels are those of combination to overcome; these locks can be installed as a supplement to the existing lock, to increase security . In the hotels you can also find combination locks with handles. This type of locks embedded in the interior of the door give an option to the placement of a European cylinder in case it is to be complemented with the usual key opening.

The security of the hotels is also based on the locks with card reader; This option has the advantage that the guest does not run the risk of forgetting his own password. This system of electronic locks can work in two different ways: with chip-type cards or with magnetic stripe cards.

Among some of the advantages of chip cards, is that the card system allows recording the entire state of the room. In this way it can be enabled at the moment of the client’s entry and, in the same way, cease to be usable when the departure date of the same arrives.

However, it runs the disadvantage that, if the client loses the card, another person can use it to enter the room. In this way, the losses must be notified at reception so that nobody else can use the card.

In hotels, the priority is to use high security locksmith in reservoir elements . Tourists should be specially protected from the usual thefts of big cities. For this, each security officer must make the most appropriate decisions.

How Hotel Rooms are Cleaned

When a guest enters the hotel room for the first time, you can hardly imagine that just a few moments before your arrival the room looked completely different. The transformation from ugly duckling to swan is due to the chambermaids or maids , who are responsible for everything is ready at the time of our arrival. If in addition, the feeling that we have when entering is that we are the first to release it , that is, it does not seem that the room has been used before, it is a sign that the flooring team has achieved its objective.


We will describe step by step how to transform a messy and dirty hotel room into that cozy, clean and pleasant place that will be our intimate space during our entire stay.
The first thing to do when we enter a room is to open the windows to ventilate well and have good lighting. Then, everything that the client has left and that does not work is removed, if we find something of value such as clothes, or some object, we will give it to the governess or the person in charge of the forgotten objects. Everything else is thrown away.
Next, we will remove all the bedding that has been used. In the bathroom we will do the same with the used towels. Generally dirty clothes are put in special bags to be taken to the laundry. Now the room is ready to start cleaning. How we proceed depends on the number of chambermaids available to make the room. If there is only one waitress, one way of proceeding is the following: you will start with the bathroom, this will give you more time to ventilate the room and above all the mattress.
In the bathroom is preceded in the same way as in the room, that is, first “disassemble” everything before starting to clean, so we will remove the bag from the bin and take the opportunity to throw in it all the garbage that we see, including boats used of shampoo, gel etc. We will also remove the used towels . Now we can start with the cleaning, for this we will use a wet scrubbing pad that does not scratch, so as not to spoil the ceramic. We will also use a disinfectantto make sure everything is clean and free of germs. This is especially important in the toilet, where it is convenient to use a more powerful product, leaving it to act for a few minutes before cleaning and rinsing well, to ensure that it is properly disinfected. After scrubbing and rinsing the sinks, the bath or the shower and the screen, dry everything with a cloth. We will finish cleaning the mirrors with glass cleaner or with a well drained cloth, which we will previously wet in hot water, and we will review all the metallic elements such as taps, cistern puller etc, so that they are bright. Now it’s time to place the towels on the towel rails andhygiene products or amenities in their corresponding place. We will also place a clean bag in the bin.
We have the bathroom almost ready (we would have the floor), so we can start with the room. We will make the bed first, putting clean bedding . Now we can start cleaning. It is important that the cleaning is done in a circular sense,always starting at one end of the room, in this way, we make sure that we do not leave anything without cleaning.  We will clean the furniture dust (including the interior of the cabinets and drawers), as well as the lamps, skirting boards, moldings (if any), door frames etc. We will use a special product for wood or a multipurpose in its absence. We will also clean the windows and the crystalsof them with a cloth wet in hot water. As we clean, we must place everything in its place: the remote control, ashtrays, etc. What is missing is replaced : hangers, folios, pens … We close the windows and pull the curtains. We would only have to clean the floor, both in the room and in the bathroom. If the floor is carpeted it is best to use a vacuum cleaner that will also be used to clean the floor of the bathroom. If it is made of wood or stoneware, we can help with a broom or beststeammopreviewspro mop . Then we will scrub it with the well drained mop .
One last general glance to verify that we do not leave anything undone and the room is ready to be supervised . Before reception can have it is necessary the approval of the governess , who will be the person in charge of verifying that indeed, the waitress has done a good job, and therefore, the room is already prepared for the enjoyment of the new client.

New technologies in restaurants How do they help to increase sales in hotels?

Every time we will see more new technologies in restaurants and hospitality businesses. How can these new technologies really help to increase sales?

Let’s see a series of examples of how new technologies for Restaurant online ordering help:

  • Improve the user experience
  • Improve purchase times, wait and service
  • Improve the work of the team of people

New technologies in restaurants How do they help raise sales?

Every time we have to wait to see more new technologies in customer-oriented restaurants in more and more bars, hotels, pubs and all kinds of hospitality businesses.

Industry analysts predict that customer-oriented technology in restaurants will continually become the norm as consumers become more comfortable with it and bar and restaurant owners work every day to reduce their labor costs and increase efficiency.

The restaurant chain Chili , increased the sale of coffee by 50%, sales by 20% just by implementing new technologies in their restaurants with an Ipad on the table.

Here you can see how the application works

How can new technologies help restaurants?

As for the specific trends of customer-oriented technology that we can expect to see in the near future, here are some of the largest ones, according to a recent Forbes article :

New technologies in restaurants: Applications to improve the speed of the order

Touch screen kiosks so customers can make and customize their orders. For example, McDonald’s has already used them successfully for years, improving the customer experience and making it easier for them to buy, as it is faster for them.

Table tablets for ordering , playing, going online and even paying the bill.

New technologies in restaurants: Platforms of digital games and entertainment

These applications on all types of devices, are designed to improve the customer experience while waiting for your food by offering digital games for your fun.

Here you can see how the Pizza Hut interactive table works

New technologies in restaurants: Customer loyalty applications

Mobile applications for restaurants, where consumers receive a reward for their loyalty while encouraging interaction on social networks.

For example Punchcard, is a company that not only rewards customers who use the application, but also fun from their mobile application.

Every time we will see more new technologies in restaurants and in all kinds of catering companies.

Be careful, do not stay out. If the client looks for new technologies, in some way they must be given.

What do you think about this topic? I would like to know your opinion.

Urban Explorers: a photography contest for the whole public and hotels

Do you have an exploratory spirit? Do you know Montevideo and value its landscapes? Do you want to share your favorite corners? This is the opportunity to test your talent to capture the essence of our city.

Hyatt Centric Montevideo and El País launch “Urban Explorers”, an amateur photography contest and photography news that seeks to reward the best postcards in our city. The objective of the contest is to motivate the exploratory spirit of each one.

Located in the heart of the Pocitos rambla, Hyatt Centric Montevideo is designed for guests and locals to feel welcome, and has the desire to be part of the daily life of the Montevideans.

From this philosophy, Hyatt Centric seeks to integrate into the local culture. A bar of drinks on the rambla, theme tours, Groups of bicycles that cross the city are some of the actions that the hotel has made to integrate into the environment. In this spirit, Hyatt Centric now calls a photography competition, so that the Montevideans themselves present images that reflect the essence of the city.

“We are very happy with this contest, because we want to be part of the city’s life and share with the Montevideans the corners of their daily lives, to actively and genuinely integrate the community,” said Guillaume Paupy, General Manager of Hyatt Centric Montevideo. “The hotel was conceived to be in the center of the action and to be an exploration platform for the culture that surrounds us. This contest seeks to make known the riches of the city, by those who love it,

City Postcards

The contest “Urban Explorers” seeks to reward those photographs that best convey the emotion generated by some points of the city, in a creative and innovative way. We look for postcards that reflect the essence of Montevideo, that are representative not only for their historical value, but also for being the center of experiences and experiences. Buildings, houses, monuments, parks, walks, libraries, bars, fairs, shops, everything is worth to show with what we vibrate the Montevideo.

The contest is open to the public, and people who want to participate must upload their photo to the platform and, click the banner and access the application that includes becoming a fan of the page Hyatt Centric, to So share your photo of Montevideo.

Each participant can take a single photograph in any device, which must be original and taken somewhere in Montevideo. These are portraits of places, so do not include people. The user must accompany the photo with the location and a description of the place. The use of filters in the images will be allowed, although photo retouching is not allowed through Photoshop or other similar devices.

After closing the period of presentation of the photographs, a jury made up of representatives of Hyatt Centric Montevideo and El País will select the 10 best images that will then be voted by the public. So they should not include people. The user must accompany the photo with the location and a description of the place. The use of filters in the images will be allowed, although photo retouching is not allowed through Photoshop or other similar devices. After closing the period of presentation of the photographs, a jury made up of representatives of Hyatt Centric Montevideo and El País will select the 10 best images that will then be voted by the public. So they should not include people. The user must accompany the photo with the location and a description of the place. The use of filters in the images will be allowed, although photo retouching is not allowed through Photoshop or other similar devices. After closing the period of presentation of the photographs, a jury made up of representatives of Hyatt Centric Montevideo and El País will select the 10 best images that will then be voted by the public.

Top 5 hotels for pregnant women

Are you expecting a baby? Give yourself a whim and escapaos of Babymoon , the last trip as a couple, stage bounce and holding better. Just before your first child is born, recharge your batteries before embarking on the adventure of parenting , for the comfort of a better mom in the second trimester. Discover the best  midatlantic women’s care hotels to spend a dreamy babymoo n, accommodations that offer therapies, massages and specialized care for pregnant women.

1. Gran Hotel Son Net

Puigpunyent, Majorca

This five star hotel, located on a hill of Puigpunyent and surrounded by thecharacteristic Mediterranean nature of the Island of Majorca , offers personalized massages and treatments for pregnant women depending on the weight of the woman, the time of gestation and where the discomforts are concentrated . For massages and beauty treatments oils and other natural products are used for future mothers.


2. The Westin Valencia

ValenciaThis hotel, set on a 1907 building and just a few meters from the historic center of the city,  offers different beauty and relaxation treatments complemented by private Yoga and Pilates classes . The moderate exercise offered is a training for the strengthening and toning of the muscles in this phase of the woman’s body, as well as for the relaxation of the body and the mind.


3. Hotel Balneario Solares

Solares, Cantabria

Thermal and hotel complex, whose tradition as a spa dates back to the eighteenth century , offers specific treatments for antepartum and postpartum, as the Mother-Baby program designed to restore balance and vitality of the new mom and development and Relaxation of the baby through massages. Spa, led by Medical Director Víctor Palencia, also has focused on toning and relaxation of the muscles and skin treatments.


4. Hotel Sha Wellness Clinic

L ‘Alfàs del Pí, Alicante

It offers a specialized treatment depending on the stay and the gestation period of the mother . The treatment has the advice of an expert nutritionist , who adapts to each woman a diet based on Macrobiotic nutrition. This is a balanced diet whose food base are cereals and different flours following the philosophy of Ying and Yang where spirituality, medicine and nutrition are mixed.


5. Hotel Puerto Antilla Grand Hotel

Islantilla, Huelva

The Puerto Antilla Grand Hotel , located on the Atlantic coast of Andalusia, offers a three-day treatment for pregnant women . The first session consists of a pedicure and a full body massage with oils and exfoliating products to beautify the skin. During the second session massages are given according to the technique Oshibori, a Japanese technique, which uses warm wipes and has a thermo-relaxing action, and are followed by other massages with polynesian techniques throughout the body. Finally, during the third session, a facial treatment is received.

Hotel’s Bathroom Technology: Shower with wireless magnetic and speaker

Kohler has introduced a curious device that will delight those who like to sing under the shower or take long baths with background music. We speak of Moxie, a shower system plus wireless and portable speaker that we can separate from the shower head when we want. 11

For this it has a powerful magnet that holds the speaker to the shower head and that when placed in it does not interrupt the flow of water, as it comes from the outer circumference of it. In the following video we can see it in operation.

The good thing about Moxie is that to play music uses Bluetooth, so it should be compatible with a large number of mobile terminals. It also has a button that serves to turn on the Built-In Speakers with an LED that indicates when it is paired with some device and if the battery needs a recharge.

Moxie shower

According to its manufacturers, Moxie can provide about seven hours of music with each recharge, which process we will carry out using a USB adapter included. It can be found in online stores like Amazon at a price of about $ 200.

7 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Catering Service

We know that your goal is that everything, even your marriage, is perfect. Therefore, it is essential to hire a good company to make this a memorable day. And if there are some details that everyone remembers about a wedding is … the food! For everything to work out the best, we give you some tips when choosing a catering service for your wedding .

1 – First, there is want to take into account the number of guests . If you are few, you can request a more intimate and sophisticated catering, and if the number exceeds one hundred then you should simplify. When you get in touch with the catering company you will have to know the exact number of people (if possible) and what the budget covers per person or in full.

2 – Do a field research by asking friends, relatives, whom you recently married. The best advertising is word of mouth, believe me. Do not hire the first catering company you find. Remember that we are talking about a very important part of your wedding.

3 – If you can, hire a catering company that has its headquarters near the place where the wedding is to be celebrated . Do not even think about it, but there may be some last minute question and it will be easier to solve the problem if the company has your office near there.

4 – Once the company is chosen, be clear what you want . Assign the quantity, quality of food, menus, etc. You can also ask that the food served be made with products from the region where you are getting married. This is a way to get quality, while helping local producers.

The appetizers, the wine, the cake, remember that everything counts!11

5 –  Know the set of services contracts . Who will serve the guests? The main food? The tickets? And the bridal cake ? Drinks? The decor , is yours or another company competition? One tip: Hire a company that does everything, you’ll take away concerns. But you should always ask how much the extra service will cost you!

6 – Enjoy it! All dishes, entrees, desserts and wines. Remember that you have every right to do so. If you are going to pay for a number of services, you have to check that it is the most suitable for the wedding. This is just to make sure everything works out the best you can on your wedding day.

Choose the seasonal products11

7 – You can give some suggestions to give on the menu. Do not forget the children . You can always create an alternative meal for children. And the same goes for vegetarians . Make sure that there is at least one soup or salad on the menu.

We hope to have helped you when choosing the catering company for the link. Have you hired the company yet?, Visit  Catering Montreal. Have you considered any of the advice we give you?


Islands, Untouched beaches, Everglades, Mariners, Fauna

Great KAYAK trip suitable for both kayak lovers and those who have never tried it but have an active and adventurous spirit. This is the most appropriate means of transport to approach the most inaccessible places of this protected natural space and feel integrated in the wild. A tour of the Parque Natural da Ria Formosa, one of the most spectacular and unknown places in southern Portugal. Long arms of sand and sea, a huge labyrinth of water, islands, channels and marshes, dunes and wild beaches, with an exceptional geographical location and biological diversity. From Olhao to the historic Cacela Velha , located at the eastern end of the park, Navigating between extensive marshes and earth languages ideal for the observation of fauna. The islands of Culatra and Armona : crystal clear waters and small fishing villages that rest on fine white sand. Seafaring villages, old farmhouses and fortresses between the lively island of Tavira and the small fortified village of Cacela.

Planned itinerary

Day 01.- TRANSFER TO OLHAO FROM SEVILLA AND INITIATION. (Level: Cursillo iniciación 1-2 hours). The hour and meeting point of the whole group is the train station of Santa Justa (AVE) or the airport of Seville at 14h. First we will stop by our Faro del Sur agency in Isla Cristina to talk a little about the trip to make and collect the material for navigation. Early in the afternoon we will travel to the fishing village of Olhao , from where we will start this great route by sailing 1 or 2 hours by a canal that will take us to the very heart of the Natural Park of Ria Formosa, one of the most important in Portugal . We will arrive at the Island of Armona with the sunset. This first day of navigation is very smooth (1h) which will serve to familiarize us with what will be our main means of transport for the next few days. We spent the night in bungalows .


Day 02.- ISLAND OF ARMONA.  (Level: Low – 4 hours)   In the morning, after breakfast, we organize our kayaks from seakayakermag best list and we start !! Today we will spend the day enjoying this unique natural paradise. We leave from an inland beach and we navigate slowly until arriving at the beautiful and wild Island of Culatra with its small fishing village surrounded by marshes, natural habitat of numerous species of birds, and wild beaches. Colorful boats balanced by the waves, fishermen mending nets, a bath in transparent waters … In the afternoon, we will approach by ferry to the picturesque village of Olhao with its narrow alleys of North African air. Overnight in Armona (Bungalows). Full day .

Day 03.- ISLAND OF ARMONA – ISLAND OF TAVIRA.  (Level: Medium Low 4 – 6 hours). We begin the journey today navigating a large expanse of marshes that gradually narrows to become a simpler system composed of a main channel that separates the dunes from the land. Ascend a hill to an old farm house and observe on one side wide expanses flooded by the sea and, on the other, an old rural system composed of small white villages, orchards and fruit trees. From the Santa Luzia marinera , approach the beach in a small train and contemplate the remains of an old tuna fishing village (today turned into a tourist place) and its trap. The decline in the volume of tidal migratory flows ended with this type of fishing. At the end of the afternoon, we will arrive at the Island of Tavira, a real paradise. We sail 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon to a calm and relaxed pace, with time to rest and bathe. Night on the Island (Camping with tent equipped for the group). Full day .

Day 04.- ISLAND OF TAVIRA – OLD CACELA – ISLAND OF TAVIRA.  (Level: Under 4 hours). Today we face another soft sailing day with time to stop and observe the nature that surrounds us. The first stop is in the fishing village of Cabanas , we will climb to the top of an old fortress, converted today into a hotel, to enjoy a refreshment and enjoy spectacular views of the natural park. We follow the route, to the rhythm of the tide, until we enter an area of arenales full of shellfish scouring in the muds of the marsh. Currently dismantled a large part of the fishing fleet, and with only a few families dedicated to the use of salinero, the only traditional task that continues today is the shellfish. We arrived at the foot of the small fort of Cacela Velha , charming village of cobbled streets located on a sandy boulder facing the ocean. After lunch we will return to Tavira Island helped, again, by the changing tides. In the afternoon , we can take a boat and visit the city of Tavira, considered one of the main historical centers of the Algarve, with an interesting wealth of heritage hidden among its narrow streets . Complete day. Considered one of the main historical centers of the Algarve, with an interesting patrimonial wealth hidden among its narrow streets . Complete day. Considered one of the main historical centers of the Algarve, with an interesting patrimonial wealth hidden among its narrow streets . Complete day.


Day 05.- ISLAND OF TAVIRA – SEVILLA.  In the middle of the morning, we leave Isla de Tavira sailing to arrive at the nautical port of Quatro Aguas, where the van awaits to take us to Isla Cristina, to leave the material, to shower and to eat. We will arrive to Seville about 17,30h. End of program.

Which best projector to buy for a Bar or a Restaurant?

Many times in some restaurants or bars we find projections where the image that is projected looks very dull. They use an expensive Home Cinema projector but only get a faint image and little defined colors. And that is not because the owner has decided to save on the cost of the projector, but he has not chosen correctly: they have advised him badly.

With this article we want to prevent more owners from making mistakes when investing in a projector, and help them choose the best option for their bar or restaurant.

Where is the problem?
There are 2 basic factors that raise a projector:
· The resolution , sharpness level or degree of image detail
· The brightness , the amount of brightness and color intensity image

A projector resolution high (High Definition HD or Full HD) will give us a very high degree of detail, but we will have to be in the dark to enjoy it. Used to have a home theater (eg Mitubishi HC3800 ).

Instead, when we want to project without being dark (as in a bar, a restaurant or a hotel), it is best to focus on the brightness of the projector: As more light projector has the most impactful will be the image we get.

Of course, there are projectors that combine both virtues (such as Mitsubishi FL6900 : a Full HD with 4000 lumens), but of course, a Ferrari and we all know that cheap is not 😉

By way of balance, and for the purposes mentioned, we We recommend the following projectors that meet the requirements of high luminosity (we have installed them in many bars and the degree of satisfaction is total)

With the first model ( EB-G5200W , the best of the 3) besides having high brightness, we have a better image definción because it provides natively HD HD 720 lines. If we are to project Digital + HD this option is excellent.

The main advantage of the intermediate model Nec NP3250 about the Mitsubishi XD600 is the great FLEXIBILITY installation that provides the Nec. It is especially helpful if our local characteristics we are forced to project diagonally and can not do full front.

We remain as always at your disposal to resolve doubts, do not hesitate to ask! it’s your money and you have to amortize the most … visit for more information.

Pay $ 65 instead of $ 250 for a spa circuit: Body massage + exfoliation and nutrition of legs + exfoliation and face mask + infusio

It took him a long time to decide to take an hour to choose a taste of ice cream, and more than four in choosing his next profile photo on Facebook. You decide quickly and enjoy this Groupon as soon as possible.

Pay $ 65 instead of $ 250 for an urban spa circuit in Mitra Medicina Estética y Pilates. The $ 250 spa circuit includes body massage, more exfoliation and leg nutrition, more exfoliation and pilaten face mask plus infusion. Exfoliation is a deep cleansing that is done smoothly and provides multiple benefits.

On the one hand, it turns cleaning into an authentic cosmetic treatment; On the other, clean in depth. Applying exfoliating products with a light massage prevents skin aging, activating the circulation; Naturally detoxifies the epidermis stimulating the different processes of elimination of dead cells and other impurities.

Removing the layer of dead cells and impurities deposited on the skin also allows a better oxygenation of the cells and immediately provides a smooth and transparent skin. A decision that will give your body the necessary care. Mitra Medicina Estética y Pilates arises from the union of professionals of physical education and medicine to be able to approach you an integral aesthetic center dedicated to the health of your body.

In this space you will find a place to connect your mind and your body in ample environments of privacy, comfort and care. Offers from Groupon Wellness Massages Quiromasaje Wellness Buenos Aires Massages Bs.

As. Centro Quiromasaje Buenos Aires Similar offers from this merchant

1. From $ 149 instead of $ 450 per ring with Swarovski crystal round or square rings with Swarovski crystals round or square MM Jewelry for Check out at branch

2. $ 69 for a white rhodium-plated ring with Swarovski crystal or $ 99 for a pair of silver wedding rings or $ 159 for both in MM jewelry to be withdrawn at branch

3. From $ 109 instead of $ 325 for a dumbbell with 2 bumpers Butterfly 2 2-pound discs 2 2.5-pound discs to be withdrawn in branch

4. From $ 499 per night per person based on double colonial breakfast access to the fast ship spa at Colony Park Plaza Hotel, Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

5. From $ 49 instead of $ 250 per shared party hall rental for 50, 100 or 150 people bottle of champagne at BRIEF Productions More offers in this category

1. $ 175 instead of $ 1000 per smoothed biomolecular laser nutrition at Rubén Orlando Caballito

2. Starting at $ 259 For a couple of rollers of choice to withdraw in branch

3. $ 290 instead of $ 2740 for 12 sessions of Endermologie Russian waves therapy in MD Dermolife

4. $ 99 instead of $ 240 per support for LCD, LED or plasma in Brackets and

5. $ 245 instead of $ 449 for a pot with vaporiera pasta machine for branch pickup More offers in this city

1. From $ 270 instead of $ 730 for 2, 3 or 4 nights for two continental breakfast at Hotel Conde, Mar del Plata

2. $ 169 instead of $ 450 for a tinted glass for car in Polar Center

3. $ 779 instead of $ 1499 for a GGS Solingen kitchen battery to withdraw in branch

4. $ 2100 instead of $ 7000 per party hall rental for 100 people Sound lights smoke machine in Events Elites

5. $ 25 instead of $ 50 for an entrance to see Bulldog in Groove More offers in Argentina

1. $ 145 instead of $ 326 per ticket tasting of meats for two bottle of wine Bodega San Huberto special salad 2 desserts at La Caballeriza, Pilar

2. From $ 69 instead of $ 250 per lineup and swinging General review of car or van at Performance Center

3. From $ 495 instead of $ 1125 for 2 nights for 2 or 4 people breakfast at Le Cuyen, Mar Of the Pampas

4. $ 49 instead of $ 85 per set of towel and towel Fantasy 100% cotton color to choose from at Skaitex International SA

5. $ 679 for a grill and electric iron family George Foreman to remove in branch

BE FIT PRO, winners of the First Emprende Operation Award

His project, Be Fit Pro , he was one of 25 to enter the Academy, after passing a strict casting to more than 120 entrepreneurs were presented.Value passing through Operation Undertakes very positively, “it is a great initiative that can help many people. Impossible to leave anything negative about such proposals, can only make you better, because in the current education system no one teaches you to Undertake, “indicate Alejandro and Diego.
His idea of business nation at the University, where Alejandro and Diego met. fitpro review is dedicated to the bio mechanical study of cycling, training planning and determination of training intensities. “The reason we offer these services is that through them we are able to meet all the parameters of cycling performance. We value your physical abilities, the possible annoyances to which you refer and the type of cycling you practice, to modify And adapt the configuration of your bicycle to their individual characteristics, based on the scientific literature.
They also offer personalized training to the cyclist, where they value “the particularities of each cyclist and the objectives that he has, from those focused on performance or more towards health. We establish an individualized planning by adjusting the loads to each cyclist to guarantee their results”, comment These two young entrepreneurs “We have to know where we want to go, design a reasonable ladder that will take us to that goal and go up steps little by little.”
The technology has a fundamental role in their project, since they are developing their own exclusive software to continue evolving in their services. In addition, they have introduced a cycle ergometer (instrumentalized roller) that is able to analyze the pedaling and a camera that records at high speed to be able to accurately evaluate different variables of the cyclist.
These two young people encourage the first-time entrepreneurs to believe in their project and work on it with constancy, with established objectives and to focus on them. “We have to know where we want to go, design a reasonable ladder that will take us to that goal and go up steps gradually,” indicate the winners of the third edition of Operation Emprende.

Accounting and Finance Menu: How to be a good accountant in Inn Hotel?

Among the functional areas of an organization it is common to find the department of accounting and finance , as it is crucial for optimal performance and business development.

financial focus

Finding the right person, able to perform accounting and business finances in order and bring the books of the company, and that simultaneously act as advisor on business, is a task that requires experience and patience.

Accounting and finance currently listed as one of the professions most in demand in the labor market, since any company, regardless of their line of business, you need the services that only a Online bookkeeper Sydney CBD can provide.

5 tips to specialize in accounting and finance:

We share some tips to guarantee you optimum professional development:

  1. Be multidisciplinary : it know of other areas, such as sales, marketing or management allows you to have a broader view on accounting and tax issues.
  1. Find : stay tuned on new changes in tax laws.
  1. Take advantage of the electronic media to your advantage to simplify tasks such as specialized tax software.
  1. Do not forget to get certified public accountant in recognition of your professional capacity.And continue getting ready, as only 1.5% of the professionals of this branch have a graduate .
  1. Remember that achieve the desired performance in a business, both domestic and foreign, it is one of the main objectives of all counter.

Examples of success in Accounting and Finance

11Maria Asuncion

He is considered one of the most influential women in Mexico, and a test is that it was the first woman to occupy a place on the Board of Directors of the Mexican Stock Exchange.

Topping Tresalia Capital emporium by which make investments to other companies, creating private equity funds, helping its consolidation. On theother hand, it is part of several Boards of Directors as belonging to Grupo Modelo, Grupo Televisa, Aeroméxico, among others.


11Miguel Angel Davila

Researcher at the Bank of Mexico, besides being founding partner of Cinemex. Upon graduating a Harvard graduate had the entrepreneurial idea that implemented along with three other colleagues from the same institution.

This year Cinemex has more than 360 screens, controls 50% of attendance rooms in Mexico City, has more than 2,000 employees and turnover of more than 150 million dollars a year.


11Ricardo Salinas Pliego

He was appointed as Director General of Grupo Elektra, following the retirement of his father, and thoroughly restructured operations of the company to avoid bankruptcy.

He is founder and President of Grupo Salinas that includes different companies such as Banco Azteca, Seguros Azteca and Afore Azteca. It also maintains the Azteca television station that in 2011 its new image and in that same year, boosted Totalplay, fixed telephone service, cellular, Internet and television via fiber optics.


11Carlos Kasuga

1 of the 15 most important businessmen in Mexico, owner of Yakult with a sale of more than 250,000 cups a day. He is also founder of the Mexican Lyceum Japanese , Japanese school internationally.

One of its key phrases is: “There are 4 steps to becoming an entrepreneur excellence. The well being, well done, well being and good to have”


The success stories that we present, are graduates people of the Degree in Accounting and Finance, most of them with honors, so you can create your own path and expand your professional horizons with specialization in Finance , with greater business insight to offer in any organization.

Carpet cleaning tips for the holiday season

As the leaves are falling and the seasons begin to change, the universal custom that best means the late fall and early winter, even more than the weather is the holiday season. No matter where you reside, always mid-November marks the beginning of the Christmas season: Full of family visits, lights, decorations and an abundance of food.

Unfortunately, along with all the festive celebrations and joy also come all inevitable and cleaning arrangements.

We at Chem-Dry understand that receive visitors during the Christmas season can be very stressful and we want to help you enjoy Christmas with little stress as possible, so we share the following tips to make you more tranquil @, in an environment healthier and free of stains on the holiday season:

  • Put rugs in high traffic areas such as entrances of your home. This will protect your carpet from stains and unnecessary wear of all persons entering and leaving.
  • Ask your guests to remove their shoes upon entering your home because shoes often carry dirt, crumbs and oils in their suelas. El that people remove their shoes prevent this dirty your carpets.


  • The vacuum that passes before a party will help you remove everyday dirt that accumulated before adding more dirt from your guests.
  • The probability of having a stroke increases dramatically during the festivos.Si days you find a stain, dry it with warm water immediately to prevent entry into the carpet. Use a cloth towel to dry.
  • Be sure to vacuum immediately after a party to avoid food scraps from sticking to the mold and bacterias.Repasa carpet and carpet areas with more traffic in various directions is developed to allow vacuum pick everything may be possible.


When you see a stain that your guests have left, do not panic. Here we share some tips for you to remove stains immediately that have arisen:

  • Be sure not to rub
  • Do not pour too much water on the stain to “lighten”. Although this may loosen the stain, it can also cause it to sink deeper into the carpet, so it will be harder to get out.
  • Try to mix warm water with white vinegar or dishwashing detergent, and removes the stain with the mixture.
  • For a spill of red wine, using a first solution detergente.Sumerge a white cloth or a white napkin in the detergent solution and gives several dab the stain with it. Press the cloth on the stain for a few seconds, wait 15 minutes for the stain to disintegrate, and then absorbs excess liquid with a dry white cloth. Continuous cleaning the entire area with a cloth dipped in warm water. Wait an hour or until the carpet dry completely. If the stain persists, place a stack of white napkins 1/2 inch thick on the spot and placed on it a glass baking dish for 15 minutes.
  • For difficult and stubborn stains, spray a small amount of Chem-Dry Chem-Dry Spot Remover Grease & Oil Remover (ask for it to Chem-Dry your local branch)
  • Once you have decided on a method of action, clean from the outer edge of the stain inward to prevent it from spreading.
  • If you have a pet that gets nervous being among people and express her nervousness peeing inside your home, you dry as much urine as possible with a toalla. Para best results, eliminating odors and fresh stains, use Odor Remover pet Chem-Dry. If the stain is old contact Chem-Dry professional to apply their revolutionary treatment of pet urine removal.
  • If you have a stain that can not be removed or you can not clean your high-traffic areas, schedule an appointment professional carpet cleaning provider with your local Chem-Dry.

Get a deep and healthy cleaning dry in just a couple of hours, so you’re list @ promptly for the holidays!

The Ultimate Guide Holiday Gifts for coffee lovers

You wake up every morning , keeps you motivated throughout the day, is brave and strong and pick you up when you’re down – Yes, we are talking about our love affair with coffee. If you’re like us, you just can not get enough of things. Whether you’re a java-junkie  looking to add some fresh ideas to your wish list or you have friends who simply can not function without it, we are brewing up 28 of the best gifts for any coffee enthusiast.

1. Canadiano ($ 54): This exclusive wood brewing box naturalists will fall in love with coffee again.

2. Pour Mason ($ 35): coffee hipsters rejoice! This handmade aluminum device transforms your favorite drink cup (mason jar) in a portable pour over coffee.

3. Espresso Sabotage ($ 53): Hand-carved from a combination of beautiful hardwoods, this is a special surprise for those who believe that a great espresso begins with good handling.

4. Vivid coffee spoon and Clip ($ 8): Divide the scoop to keep coffee fresh with this clip beech wood that works like a spoonful of coffee and a bag sealer.

5. Coffee Joulies ($ 50): Too Hot? Very cold? Give the gift of perfect coffee with these stainless steel “bean” designed to keep a cup or Joe at the perfect temperature.

6. No holiday Martha Cup Kit ($ 30): Just what the holidays ordered: A sweet for coffee drinkers creative gift.

7. Coffee Graphic ($ 15): coffee geek on your gift list? This large jar size provides an eye-opening jolt in the various ways you can concoct and drinking coffee.

8. thermal mug ($ 14): But first, coffee – the coffee lover will agree completely.

9. Coffee Travel Kit ($ 179): All you need to brew . Just add water and a big red bow.

10. Arne Jacobsen Coffee ($ 312): An icon of Scandinavian design, this is the coffee that will complete the home bar of your coffee aficionado.

11. Jiva coffee cubes ($ 15): Perfect for travelers or fellow cube, these small cubes are filled with grains of Colombian arabica premium and unrefined cane sugar. Just add hot water or milk and enjoy a perfect cup of coffee.

12. The coffee husk cherry tea ($ 10): Your coffee lover will think that this herbal tea made of dried cherries and full of vitamin C coffee is pretty neat.

13. Subscription Coffee Regular ($ 30): If barista latte art and jokes are not your thing, get the gift of a good cup o ‘joe with tube, freshly roasted coffee beans delivered to your door each month.

14. Maple smoked bacon coffee ($ 17): Maple syrup + bacon + coffee = YUM.

15. Cold Brew Grady ($ 24): The gift bottle by hand and prepared New Orleans style coffee concentratecould only make your coffee addicted friend – and we’re not saying that’s a bad thing.

16. Cold Bruer ($ 75): Perk coffee-loving your friend with pure and beautiful coffee cold beer. We are confident cold concoction dreams this slow drip brewer nobody will come true.

17. Chemex ($ 38): For those who appreciate the beautiful things of life, and a damn good cup of coffee, Chemex is where it is.

18. Wood-Neck Tea ($ 69): A rare import from Japan, this purist flannel coffee filter uses a dense beer.

19. Bialetti Moka Express ($ 25): Keep your ritual traditional favorite coffee machine Italian coffee. The Moka Express is an icon to turn out the rich, smooth and delicious coffee.

20. Handpresso Wild Hybrid ($ 124): I give a little love for coffee connoisseurs go. Whether on a camping trip or in the office, they can never be without a good espresso.

21. Republic of Korea Espresso Maker ($ 199): A love affair with coffee should be shared with all-this best rated espresso makers below $300  manual puts it all on display.

22. Bonaverde ($ 375): Makers will do … with the world’s first machine that roasts, grinds and prepares coffee. Enough talk.

23. Atlas dress socks ($ 14): This gift coffee-lover is as unique as you can get. Like “have a Brita filter in your socks”, these socks are infused coffee professionals in keeping feet smelling fresh.

24. hazelnut coffee scented soy candle ($ 28): freshly roasted hazelnuts and creamy coffee join forces to give the aroma of coffee bliss without having to make a cup of coffee.

25. Cardamom and Coffee Body Scrub ($ 22): Wake up and feel the invigorating blend coffee with freshly ground coffee and cardamom.

26. Wash with Joe Body Wash ($ 28): Give your coffee lover’s gift really wake up and smell the coffee.

27. caffeine molecule ($ 60): Your addicted to caffeine will Geeked to get this on your wall.

28. Fresh Cup Magazine ($ 48): If your coffee lover, beverages breathes and lives for coffee , why not give the gift of reading about his passion too?

10 coffee gift this Christmas

The Christmas 2016 is very close and with it the Christmas gifts s you have to give our loved ones. Today we present an excellent choice of 10 coffee gift this Christmas . Some are ideal for single people or living alone.Others are more sophisticated and stylish, and you will choose which you prefer and that fits the taste of the person to whom you give.

10 coffee gift this Christmas


1. Coffee cappuccino Prima Oster

Price: From $ 3,000

This coffee is to prepare cappuccinos, you have pre – programmed options for espresso, latte and cappuccino. It has an Italian pump with 15 bar pressure and a handy container for milk that is easily removed 300 ml. It also has a removable water reservoir of 1.5 liters. Also it has a removable tray waste. This coffee Oster is ideal for a newly married couple or small family. Exquisite coffees can prepare for your guests.

2. Coffee for American Hamilton Beach 49980A

Price: from $ 1000


This elegant coffee is ideal for those occasions when you do not need a whole pot of coffee, but only a cup or fill your thermos of coffee that you take it to your home or school. If you give this coffee at Christmas it will be a great detail since it is a nice soft and very cheap coffee. Features: You will have two ways to make coffee either 12 – cup or mug 14 oz. With mesh filter basket, no need to buy filters, and you can add ground coffee or coffee capsules. It has a lateral rest for the cup that fits the size you want, just do not include cup.

3. Cafetiere Imusa

Cost: From 150 pesos.

A very inexpensive gift may be this Italian coffee Imusa , Its capacity is for 6 cups, is very functional and sure will love especially if you give to a coffee lover.

4. French press thermos at a time

Cost: from 180 pesos

With this Zyliss Travel combo forget that coffee wherever you go missing. It is a cup French press style . In addition to coffee you can also prepare chocolate and tea. It is very easy to wash and super recommended for travelers.

5. Coffee Coffee ECMP50 Mr Coffe expresso or cappuccino

Cost: from 1,100 pesos


ECMP50 Mr. Coffee machine for preparing espresso or cappuccino, black color. Ideal to prepare more than one expresso at the same time as it has double coffee outlet and space for two cups. With this coffee, which is very cheap for gifts this Christmas, you can delight your guests with a delicious espresso or cappuccino.

6. Coffee DeLongui Kmiz 15 bars

Cost: From 8 thousand pesos

This coffee is a bit higher in price but it is a leading brand in coffee. A perfect gift for coffee connoisseurs and preparation. Their colors are very striking and are a great addition to any kitchen.

7. Senseo Latte Coffee capsules duo

Cost: from 1.5 million pesos

Another type of coffee you should not miss the Christmas season are the capsule, in which the brew is automated. One of the best coffee capsules market is the Senseo Latte Duo. They can make two coffees at thesame time.

8. Francis Coffee Yellow

Cost: from 24 thousand pesos


From this list, this coffee is one of the most expensive but well worth its value. Aesthetically it is very nice, professional and decorative in your kitchen and even your cafeteria. if you do not like there are also yellow in white, gray, blue and silvery cream.

9. Machine Nespresso Grand Master

Cost: from 7,500 pesos

One of the best coffee machine rental for offices have come on the market. A coffee prepared as a professional but at home.Among its main features are those of aeroccino have offered various textures foam cup warmer, good design, 19 bars and fast heating in 25 seconds.

10. Dual Krups Coffee, espresso and American

I could not miss a Krups, one of the best brands of coffee in the coffee world. This model is very pro because you can prepare espressos, cappuccinos and American, it is an automatic coffee maker, good design and size, especially the guarantee of the brand and low cost high quality, certainly the most recommended of all our ready for christmas gift giving.

Useful words and phrases for hotel stay

It was time to pack up and travel , what is the purpose of your trip? Possibly a pleasure trip or perhaps one business; Whatever the reason, the hotel is one of the most important parts in your travel plan , it is the place where you expect to spend pleasant days and as comfortable as possible.

In tourism, English is the language commonly used by those who do not speak the language of the country they visit . Below we offer you como aprender ingles rapido and words that will be of great use during the stay in a hotel abroad:


Single Room: Single room
Double Room: Double room
Reservation: Reservation
Reception: Reception
Check-in: Registration arrival
Check-out: Check-out the hotel
Room Service: Room service
Wake -up call: wake-up call
housekeeping: housekeeping

Questions and phrases

: Do you have rooms available? |  Are there any rooms available?

I have a reservation. I booked it online. | I have a reservation. I made online.

Could you bring me an Extra towel? | Could I bring an extra towel?

Could you bring me an additional pillow? | Could I bring an extra pillow?

Is breakfast included? | Is breakfast included?

At what time is the breakfast served? | Is breakfast is served What time?

I would like a wake-up call at 7:30 a.m. tomorrow. | I want to wake up call tomorrow at 7:30 am.

Is there a nearby museum or attraction? | Is there a museum or tourist attraction near here?

Could you please Suggest me a good restaurant to have dinner tonight? Could you make a reservation for me? | Could you suggest a good restaurant for dinner tonight? Could I make a reservation?

Where can I take a cab or taxi? | Where can I take a taxi?

I’ll be leaving tomorrow night. Is it possible to check out late? | I will be going tomorrow night. Is it possible to leave the hotel later than the time set for checking out?

Now you have the basic information that will allow you to defend yourself in the hotel when traveling.But remember, this is “basic” information and we want to defend yourself besides the hotel, you can do in all other contexts that you attend; more than basic information, the ideal is to have a strangle hold language and our English course online until this trip that I had planned, you can accompany. No matter how far you go or how long it takes your trip, we’ll be with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week . You can use every time you have available and study English in the easiest and most entertaining way, you will be surprised everything you have learned with the sum of every minute took advantage.

10 ways to get thin at Christmas

Getting to Christmas and without extra kilos

Takes very little time for Christmas and with it come the celebrations, the wining and toast. Given all these events who do not want to look a figure thin . So if you ‘re worried about knowing how to get fit and Christmas without extra kilos , you brindaré 10 ways to achieve and fully enjoy this time of year.

Getting to Christmas and without extra kilos

  1. Reduce consumption of only 100 calories a day , such as eating , leaving 50 gr. bread (about 2 slices and a half), 5 crackers, 50 gr. rice, 1 tablespoon less mayonnaise, 5 teaspoons of sugar, 6 teaspoons jelly or sweet and / or 5 teaspoons honey. Reducing the consumption of these foods can lose weight or other daily.
  2. If you do not like exercise , you can implement a series of chores that allow you to review of the 3 week diet reduce other 100 calories per day , such as washing the car, gardening for 20 minutes, clean the house for 30 minutes, dancing with your children for 20 minutes, cut the lawn for 25 minutes, stand still performing activities rather than sitting for 30 minutes.
  3. Tomato 10 minutes per day and some relaxation techniques put into practice. Surely you wonder why, but the relaxation reduces anxiety and stress that can trigger a binge.
  4. One of the most listened to suggestions is to take 2 liters of water per day , but few meet. Carry a small bottle of water , drink water several times a day will help to eliminate toxins, improve cell performance and will give satiety .
  5. Not to overeat measures taken as a spoon, a teaspoon, a glass, a cup and a plate medium . If you consider these numbers and not repeat the food, you eat less and lose weight. For example , 1 cup of juice, 1 tablespoon oil, 1 teaspoon light or fresh cheese, 1 cup of rice, lentils or other cereal or vegetable, 1 meat dish, 1 dish of vegetables, etc.
  6. Remember to eat even if you’re hungry or you’re busy, but when you are hungry really will eat everything in your path.
  7. But you suffer from low voltage , put a little salt to meals, since this causes fluid retention and thus weight gain .
  8. If you use sweeteners, choose those without sodium or sorbitol , as they can reduce urine output and cause intestinal inflammation respectively.
  9. If you want to eat in a restaurant, share food and dessert so you are consuming fewer calories.
  10. Do not consume regular soft drinks . This may not seem high in calories, which multiplied by several glasses a day, adding up to a high calorific value. That you keep him in mind 1 glass of 200 ml of a soft drink regular cola contains 80 calories .

Here are 10 ways to get thin to Christmas that made together can help you lose a few kilos without much sacrifice. They are simple and practical tricks that give very good results. Not to be discouraged, you can reach christmas and without kilos

Christmas is near and you better get slim, fit and no extra kilos . For you succeed you brindaré 10 simple and practical ways .

3 effective direct marketing strategies

If you have no budget for marketing, applies these low-cost techniques that will help you attract customers.

 For all entrepreneurs who dream of seeing their products or services in spectacular or TV ads, this is the first thing you should know: They need customers before even considering spending on marketing.

For this reason, companies are betting in its early stages the direct sale . After all, you require people to use your product or service before promotion to be fully beneficial. In addition, an important component of your marketing is to identify who your current customers are.

How do you do this? We shared three effective ways to market your product or service in the hands of people strategies:

1. Send emails from real people can be an excellent tool for direct sales, but it can also be a big waste of time. First, you should know what you should not do: Sell by email is not about using an automatic sending program to send HTML emails or emails generic. Nor is it making long leagues sales proposals related. And it is much less using the method of Spam.

This is what you do: Direct sales via email must be performed by a team of real people. Clearly you can use professional email hosting services or specialized software to send large amounts of mail.

But, in any circumstances, must have traces of spam characteristics.For example, your emails should have a couple of paragraphs at most.Should also be customized, include only text and have a call to interact with you.

Many marketers make the mistake of asking potential customers to “marry them” from the first interaction. You must prove you are looking to deliver value to your life or business. As for the search for contacts leverages social networks like LinkedIn.

2. Make webinars to receive feedback
Many entrepreneurs are betting on performing live webinars. Like what happens with infomercials, this platform is demonstrative.Current services to create webinars as ClickWebinar and WebEx from Cisco allow the participation of a large audience, and also provide tools to attract users throughout the presentation.

This is a way to take your message to thousands of potential customers besides getting visiting your platform. It is also a way to get real – time feedback about your services or products. It is more personal than an email strategy.

3. Give your product or service
to new businesses, it is easier to sell a free product evaluation period to close a long term contract. Give your customers access to your services free of charge and uses the opportunity to request feedback. By doing crowdsourcing ideas for your product or service people who already are doing, you can make stronger bets to know when it is time to collect, to do marketing or how to improve your offer.

A people like the services without compromise ; what you miss in conversions, you gain in volume. If you’re a web service gives a free trial; if you are a business coach, gives out sessions.

4 restaurants inspired by great classic movies

Restaurants taken from the big screen are booming because they are considered a safe bet, at least outside our borders.

There are many scenes shot in restaurants, some real times and others created for the occasion. It is precisely the latter, invented by the film industry that most interest, so much so that this business model is increasingly on the rise.
There are numerous restaurants and bars set in hit TV series . But what about the extracted celluloid? Here are some examples from Stream , establishments that have surpassed fiction and have become something real and tangible. You have been to one? Do you know other examples?


Titanic Theatre Restaurant

Titanic Theatre

How could it be otherwise, Titanic, one of the highest grossing films in history has its own restaurant, the Titanic Theatre. In fact, there are two venues of this particular boat-restaurant, in the Koreatown neighborhood in Los Angeles and another in Williamstown (Australia). The Titanic Theatre is the perfect place to live a dream night aboard the Titanic in which to enjoy a three – course dinner, a drink and live entertainment place. Yes, here there is no danger of the iceberg.

Titanic Theatre Restaurant

Titanic Theatre

Titanic Theatre Restaurant

Titanic Theatre

If you want to see with your own eyes, this is your video presentation:

Harry Potter

 The Lockhart

If there is a saga with a legion of fans that’s Harry Potter. The character created by JK Rowling has inspired for various creations and the world of hospitality was not going to be left behind. Toronto is The Lockhart , a bar that attracts followers of the magic of Hogwarts worldwide. Please note also suitable for muggles .

His name takes the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher Gilderoy Lockhart, one of the most eccentric characters in the saga. The owners are extremely cautious to avoid getting into conflicts copyright, so the scenery is somewhat sparse but no shortage of references to movie4k movies free. Without going any further, the room is dominated by a large mural that reads “potions and elixirs” and in which numerous cocktails for the occasion rebaptized stacked. It is fundamentally a cocktail bar, but also feature tapas menu.

The Lockhart Instagram

Grand Hotel Budapest

bar Luce


Milan is the Bar Luce , a glamorous cafe that seems out of the very Grand Hotel Budapest. Framed within the artistic and cultural complex Fondazione Prada, the designer is the film director Wes Anderson , who has captured perfectly the aesthetics of his films. With only transfer its doors in time will travel to Italy in the fifties to enjoy coffee or pastries rather than appealing abundant in the Luce Bar counters. Although, according to Anderson, the bar is designed to spend a quiet afternoon enjoying the pleasure of writing, one of the most attractive elements of the local are your machinespinball inspired ‘The Life Aquatic’ and ‘Castello Cavalcanti’, both works director American.


Luce Bar designed by Wes Anderson


Alice in Wonderland

Coffee Wonderland

Coffee Wonderland

Who would have thought that the entrance to Wonderland would be in Valencia?Sinovac is the Café de las Maravillas , a portal to the magical world in which Alice accidentally sneaks down a rabbit hole. Set in the story of Lewis Carroll and later Walt Disney film, this imaginative cafeteria recreates the most famous scenes in the story, as the garden where Queen cultivate red roses, or the opposite room, a room “where nothing is where it should “.

Perfect for the sweet tooth, has an extensive menu littered with cakes, waffles, pancakes and all kinds of pastries to accompany a tea, coffee or fruit smoothie. If you’re late for tea time and you’re more out to sunset on weekends also they offer dinners of sandwiches, burgers and other entrees as well as a variety of cocktails.