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3 effective direct marketing strategies

If you have no budget for marketing, applies these low-cost techniques that will help you attract customers.

 For all entrepreneurs who dream of seeing their products or services in spectacular or TV ads, this is the first thing you should know: They need customers before even considering spending on marketing.

For this reason, companies are betting in its early stages the direct sale . After all, you require people to use your product or service before promotion to be fully beneficial. In addition, an important component of your marketing is to identify who your current customers are.

How do you do this? We shared three effective ways to market your product or service in the hands of people strategies:

1. Send emails from real people can be an excellent tool for direct sales, but it can also be a big waste of time. First, you should know what you should not do: Sell by email is not about using an automatic sending program to send HTML emails or emails generic. Nor is it making long leagues sales proposals related. And it is much less using the method of Spam.

This is what you do: Direct sales via email must be performed by a team of real people. Clearly you can use professional email hosting services or specialized software to send large amounts of mail.

But, in any circumstances, must have traces of spam characteristics.For example, your emails should have a couple of paragraphs at most.Should also be customized, include only text and have a call to interact with you.

Many marketers make the mistake of asking potential customers to “marry them” from the first interaction. You must prove you are looking to deliver value to your life or business. As for the search for contacts leverages social networks like LinkedIn.

2. Make webinars to receive feedback
Many entrepreneurs are betting on performing live webinars. Like what happens with infomercials, this platform is demonstrative.Current services to create webinars as ClickWebinar and WebEx from Cisco allow the participation of a large audience, and also provide tools to attract users throughout the presentation.

This is a way to take your message to thousands of potential customers besides getting visiting your platform. It is also a way to get real – time feedback about your services or products. It is more personal than an email strategy.

3. Give your product or service
to new businesses, it is easier to sell a free product evaluation period to close a long term contract. Give your customers access to your services free of charge and uses the opportunity to request feedback. By doing crowdsourcing ideas for your product or service people who already are doing, you can make stronger bets to know when it is time to collect, to do marketing or how to improve your offer.

A people like the services without compromise ; what you miss in conversions, you gain in volume. If you’re a web service gives a free trial; if you are a business coach, gives out sessions.