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Pay $ 65 instead of $ 250 for a spa circuit: Body massage + exfoliation and nutrition of legs + exfoliation and face mask + infusio

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Pay $ 65 instead of $ 250 for an urban spa circuit in Mitra Medicina Estética y Pilates. The $ 250 spa circuit includes body massage, more exfoliation and leg nutrition, more exfoliation and pilaten face mask plus infusion. Exfoliation is a deep cleansing that is done smoothly and provides multiple benefits.

On the one hand, it turns cleaning into an authentic cosmetic treatment; On the other, clean in depth. Applying exfoliating products with a light massage prevents skin aging, activating the circulation; Naturally detoxifies the epidermis stimulating the different processes of elimination of dead cells and other impurities.

Removing the layer of dead cells and impurities deposited on the skin also allows a better oxygenation of the cells and immediately provides a smooth and transparent skin. A decision that will give your body the necessary care. Mitra Medicina Estética y Pilates arises from the union of professionals of physical education and medicine to be able to approach you an integral aesthetic center dedicated to the health of your body.

In this space you will find a place to connect your mind and your body in ample environments of privacy, comfort and care. Offers from Groupon Wellness Massages Quiromasaje Wellness Buenos Aires Massages Bs.

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