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7 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Catering Service

We know that your goal is that everything, even your marriage, is perfect. Therefore, it is essential to hire a good company to make this a memorable day. And if there are some details that everyone remembers about a wedding is … the food! For everything to work out the best, we give you some tips when choosing a catering service for your wedding .

1 – First, there is want to take into account the number of guests . If you are few, you can request a more intimate and sophisticated catering, and if the number exceeds one hundred then you should simplify. When you get in touch with the catering company you will have to know the exact number of people (if possible) and what the budget covers per person or in full.

2 – Do a field research by asking friends, relatives, whom you recently married. The best advertising is word of mouth, believe me. Do not hire the first catering company you find. Remember that we are talking about a very important part of your wedding.

3 – If you can, hire a catering company that has its headquarters near the place where the wedding is to be celebrated . Do not even think about it, but there may be some last minute question and it will be easier to solve the problem if the company has your office near there.

4 – Once the company is chosen, be clear what you want . Assign the quantity, quality of food, menus, etc. You can also ask that the food served be made with products from the region where you are getting married. This is a way to get quality, while helping local producers.

The appetizers, the wine, the cake, remember that everything counts!11

5 –  Know the set of services contracts . Who will serve the guests? The main food? The tickets? And the bridal cake ? Drinks? The decor , is yours or another company competition? One tip: Hire a company that does everything, you’ll take away concerns. But you should always ask how much the extra service will cost you!

6 – Enjoy it! All dishes, entrees, desserts and wines. Remember that you have every right to do so. If you are going to pay for a number of services, you have to check that it is the most suitable for the wedding. This is just to make sure everything works out the best you can on your wedding day.

Choose the seasonal products11

7 – You can give some suggestions to give on the menu. Do not forget the children . You can always create an alternative meal for children. And the same goes for vegetarians . Make sure that there is at least one soup or salad on the menu.

We hope to have helped you when choosing the catering company for the link. Have you hired the company yet?, Visit  Catering Montreal. Have you considered any of the advice we give you?