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Christmas Menu

Why not enjoy a special Christmas dinner here at The Crown. Bookings are now being taken and it couldn’t be …

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Boxing Day Menu

Check out the details for our Boxing Day Menu here.

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New Year’s Eve Tasting Menu

We are now taking bookings for our New Year’s Eve Tasting Menu – full details and the menu can be …

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Our Wine List

As you enter the big heavy doors of The Crown, you will be welcomed by the Cheerful Bar Staff, who …

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Meet The Chef

Mark says his aim at The Crown is to offer affordable excellence, an aim which is reflected in everything from the delicious menu, to an impressive but affordable wine selection and the variety of local beers and quality spirits available.
Mark's background in some of the UK's most distinguished eateries, including periods at Le Gavroche in London and the Waterside Inn at Bray, as well as years working as private chef to a King Hussein of Jordan, means he is amply qualified to deliver stunning food in this charming location.

His presence at The Crown offers a hidden treasure tucked away in the heart of the Sussex countryside.

About Us

The Crown Inn at Horsted Keynes is a historic building dating back to the 16th Century. It has now been serving locals and travellers for over 250 years. In July 2003, lightning struck a power line to the building which resulted in very serious damage and large parts of the building were destroyed. Fortunately the oldest parts were untouched and after being closed for over 5 years it was finally reopened in 2009.

We are pleased to say that in March 2013 another new era has taken place.

Mark Raffan, former chef proprietor of the prestigious "Gravetye Manor" comes to Horsted Keynes via his successful regeneration of the Red Lion at Chelwood Gate. He and his brigade of talented young chefs bring elegant yet relaxed fine dining to the welcoming atmosphere of The Crown.

With comforting real fires in winter, and a glorious patio garden overlooking the village cricket green in summer, the Crown offers an idyllic setting in which to enjoy quality food based on locally sourced seasonal ingredients prepared by the former holder of a coveted Michelin star.

Please take a look around our website to see what The Crown Inn has to offer.


10 ways to get thin at Christmas

Getting to Christmas and without extra kilos

Takes very little time for Christmas and with it come the celebrations, the wining and toast. Given all these events who do not want to look a figure thin . So if you ‘re worried about knowing how to get fit and Christmas without extra kilos , you brindaré 10 ways to achieve and fully enjoy this time of year.

Getting to Christmas and without extra kilos

  1. Reduce consumption of only 100 calories a day , such as eating , leaving 50 gr. bread (about 2 slices and a half), 5 crackers, 50 gr. rice, 1 tablespoon less mayonnaise, 5 teaspoons of sugar, 6 teaspoons jelly or sweet and / or 5 teaspoons honey. Reducing the consumption of these foods can lose weight or other daily.
  2. If you do not like exercise , you can implement a series of chores that allow you to review of the 3 week diet reduce other 100 calories per day , such as washing the car, gardening for 20 minutes, clean the house for 30 minutes, dancing with your children for 20 minutes, cut the lawn for 25 minutes, stand still performing activities rather than sitting for 30 minutes.
  3. Tomato 10 minutes per day and some relaxation techniques put into practice. Surely you wonder why, but the relaxation reduces anxiety and stress that can trigger a binge.
  4. One of the most listened to suggestions is to take 2 liters of water per day , but few meet. Carry a small bottle of water , drink water several times a day will help to eliminate toxins, improve cell performance and will give satiety .
  5. Not to overeat measures taken as a spoon, a teaspoon, a glass, a cup and a plate medium . If you consider these numbers and not repeat the food, you eat less and lose weight. For example , 1 cup of juice, 1 tablespoon oil, 1 teaspoon light or fresh cheese, 1 cup of rice, lentils or other cereal or vegetable, 1 meat dish, 1 dish of vegetables, etc.
  6. Remember to eat even if you’re hungry or you’re busy, but when you are hungry really will eat everything in your path.
  7. But you suffer from low voltage , put a little salt to meals, since this causes fluid retention and thus weight gain .
  8. If you use sweeteners, choose those without sodium or sorbitol , as they can reduce urine output and cause intestinal inflammation respectively.
  9. If you want to eat in a restaurant, share food and dessert so you are consuming fewer calories.
  10. Do not consume regular soft drinks . This may not seem high in calories, which multiplied by several glasses a day, adding up to a high calorific value. That you keep him in mind 1 glass of 200 ml of a soft drink regular cola contains 80 calories .

Here are 10 ways to get thin to Christmas that made together can help you lose a few kilos without much sacrifice. They are simple and practical tricks that give very good results. Not to be discouraged, you can reach christmas and without kilos

Christmas is near and you better get slim, fit and no extra kilos . For you succeed you brindaré 10 simple and practical ways .

3 effective direct marketing strategies

If you have no budget for marketing, applies these low-cost techniques that will help you attract customers.
 For all entrepreneurs who dream of seeing their products or services in spectacular or TV ads, this is the first thing you should know: They need customers before even considering spending on marketing.

For this reason, companies are betting in its early stages the direct sale . After all, you require people to use your product or service before promotion to be fully beneficial. In addition, an important component of your marketing is to identify who your current customers are.

How do you do this? We shared three effective ways to market your product or service in the hands of people strategies:

1. Send emails from real people can be an excellent tool for direct sales, but it can also be a big waste of time. First, you should know what you should not do: Sell by email is not about using an automatic sending program to send HTML emails or emails generic. Nor is it making long leagues sales proposals related. And it is much less using the method of Spam.

This is what you do: Direct sales via email must be performed by a team of real people. Clearly you can use professional email hosting services or specialized software to send large amounts of mail.

But, in any circumstances, must have traces of spam characteristics.For example, your emails should have a couple of paragraphs at most.Should also be customized, include only text and have a call to interact with you.

Many marketers make the mistake of asking potential customers to “marry them” from the first interaction. You must prove you are looking to deliver value to your life or business. As for the search for contacts leverages social networks like LinkedIn.

2. Make webinars to receive feedback
Many entrepreneurs are betting on performing live webinars. Like what happens with infomercials, this platform is demonstrative.Current services to create webinars as ClickWebinar and WebEx from Cisco allow the participation of a large audience, and also provide tools to attract users throughout the presentation.

This is a way to take your message to thousands of potential customers besides getting visiting your platform. It is also a way to get real – time feedback about your services or products. It is more personal than an email strategy.

3. Give your product or service
to new businesses, it is easier to sell a free product evaluation period to close a long term contract. Give your customers access to your services free of charge and uses the opportunity to request feedback. By doing crowdsourcing ideas for your product or service people who already are doing, you can make stronger bets to know when it is time to collect, to do marketing or how to improve your offer.

A people like the services without compromise ; what you miss in conversions, you gain in volume. If you’re a web service gives a free trial; if you are a business coach, gives out sessions.

4 restaurants inspired by great classic movies

Restaurants taken from the big screen are booming because they are considered a safe bet, at least outside our borders.

There are many scenes shot in restaurants, some real times and others created for the occasion. It is precisely the latter, invented by the film industry that most interest, so much so that this business model is increasingly on the rise.
There are numerous restaurants and bars set in hit TV series . But what about the extracted celluloid? Here are some examples from xmovies8 , establishments that have surpassed fiction and have become something real and tangible. You have been to one? Do you know other examples?


Titanic Theatre Restaurant

Titanic Theatre

How could it be otherwise, Titanic, one of the highest grossing films in history has its own restaurant, the Titanic Theatre. In fact, there are two venues of this particular boat-restaurant, in the Koreatown neighborhood in Los Angeles and another in Williamstown (Australia). The Titanic Theatre is the perfect place to live a dream night aboard the Titanic in which to enjoy a three – course dinner, a drink and live entertainment place. Yes, here there is no danger of the iceberg.

Titanic Theatre Restaurant

Titanic Theatre

Titanic Theatre Restaurant

Titanic Theatre

If you want to see with your own eyes, this is your video presentation:

Harry Potter

 The Lockhart

If there is a saga with a legion of fans that’s Harry Potter. The character created by JK Rowling has inspired for various creations and the world of hospitality was not going to be left behind. Toronto is The Lockhart , a bar that attracts followers of the magic of Hogwarts worldwide. Please note also suitable for muggles .

His name takes the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher Gilderoy Lockhart, one of the most eccentric characters in the saga. The owners are extremely cautious to avoid getting into conflicts copyright, so the scenery is somewhat sparse but no shortage of references to movies. Without going any further, the room is dominated by a large mural that reads “potions and elixirs” and in which numerous cocktails for the occasion rebaptized stacked. It is fundamentally a cocktail bar, but also feature tapas menu.

The Lockhart Instagram

Grand Hotel Budapest

bar Luce


Milan is the Bar Luce , a glamorous cafe that seems out of the very Grand Hotel Budapest. Framed within the artistic and cultural complex Fondazione Prada, the designer is the film director Wes Anderson , who has captured perfectly the aesthetics of his films. With only transfer its doors in time will travel to Italy in the fifties to enjoy coffee or pastries rather than appealing abundant in the Luce Bar counters. Although, according to Anderson, the bar is designed to spend a quiet afternoon enjoying the pleasure of writing, one of the most attractive elements of the local are your machinespinball inspired ‘The Life Aquatic’ and ‘Castello Cavalcanti’, both works director American.

Luce Bar designed by Wes Anderson


Alice in Wonderland

Coffee Wonderland

Coffee Wonderland

Who would have thought that the entrance to Wonderland would be in Valencia?Sinovac is the Café de las Maravillas , a portal to the magical world in which Alice accidentally sneaks down a rabbit hole. Set in the story of Lewis Carroll and later Walt Disney film, this imaginative cafeteria recreates the most famous scenes in the story, as the garden where Queen cultivate red roses, or the opposite room, a room “where nothing is where it should “.

Perfect for the sweet tooth, has an extensive menu littered with cakes, waffles, pancakes and all kinds of pastries to accompany a tea, coffee or fruit smoothie. If you’re late for tea time and you’re more out to sunset on weekends also they offer dinners of sandwiches, burgers and other entrees as well as a variety of cocktails.