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BE FIT PRO, winners of the First Emprende Operation Award

His project, Be Fit Pro , he was one of 25 to enter the Academy, after passing a strict casting to more than 120 entrepreneurs were presented.Value passing through Operation Undertakes¬†very positively, “it is a great initiative that can help many people. Impossible to leave anything negative about such proposals, can only make you better, because in the current education system no one teaches you to Undertake, “indicate Alejandro and Diego.
His idea of business nation at the University, where Alejandro and Diego met. fitpro review is dedicated to the bio mechanical¬†study of cycling, training planning and determination of training intensities. “The reason we offer these services is that through them we are able to meet all the parameters of cycling performance. We value your physical abilities, the possible annoyances to which you refer and the type of cycling you practice, to modify And adapt the configuration of your bicycle to their individual characteristics, based on the scientific literature.
They also offer personalized training to the cyclist, where they value “the particularities of each cyclist and the objectives that he has, from those focused on performance or more towards health. We establish an individualized planning by adjusting the loads to each cyclist to guarantee their results”, comment These two young entrepreneurs “We have to know where we want to go, design a reasonable ladder that will take us to that goal and go up steps little by little.”
The technology has a fundamental role in their project, since they are developing their own exclusive software to continue evolving in their services. In addition, they have introduced a cycle ergometer (instrumentalized roller) that is able to analyze the pedaling and a camera that records at high speed to be able to accurately evaluate different variables of the cyclist.
These two young people encourage the first-time entrepreneurs to believe in their project and work on it with constancy, with established objectives and to focus on them. “We have to know where we want to go, design a reasonable ladder that will take us to that goal and go up steps gradually,” indicate the winners of the third edition of Operation Emprende.