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Hotel’s Bathroom Technology: Shower with wireless magnetic and speaker

Kohler has introduced a curious device that will delight those who like to sing under the shower or take long baths with background music. We speak of Moxie, a shower system plus wireless and portable speaker that we can separate from the shower head when we want. 11

For this it has a powerful magnet that holds the speaker to the shower head and that when placed in it does not interrupt the flow of water, as it comes from the outer circumference of it. In the following video we can see it in operation.

The good thing about Moxie is that to play music uses Bluetooth, so it should be compatible with a large number of mobile terminals. It also has a button that serves to turn on the Built-In Speakers with an LED that indicates when it is paired with some device and if the battery needs a recharge.

Moxie shower

According to its manufacturers, Moxie can provide about seven hours of music with each recharge, which process we will carry out using a USB adapter included. It can be found in online stores like Amazon at a price of about $ 200.