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How Hotel Rooms are Cleaned

When a guest enters the hotel room for the first time, you can hardly imagine that just a few moments before your arrival the room looked completely different. The transformation from ugly duckling to swan is due to the chambermaids or maids , who are responsible for everything is ready at the time of our arrival. If in addition, the feeling that we have when entering is that we are the first to release it , that is, it does not seem that the room has been used before, it is a sign that the flooring team has achieved its objective.


We will describe step by step how to transform a messy and dirty hotel room into that cozy, clean and pleasant place that will be our intimate space during our entire stay.
The first thing to do when we enter a room is to open the windows to ventilate well and have good lighting. Then, everything that the client has left and that does not work is removed, if we find something of value such as clothes, or some object, we will give it to the governess or the person in charge of the forgotten objects. Everything else is thrown away.
Next, we will remove all the bedding that has been used. In the bathroom we will do the same with the used towels. Generally dirty clothes are put in special bags to be taken to the laundry. Now the room is ready to start cleaning. How we proceed depends on the number of chambermaids available to make the room. If there is only one waitress, one way of proceeding is the following: you will start with the bathroom, this will give you more time to ventilate the room and above all the mattress.
In the bathroom is preceded in the same way as in the room, that is, first “disassemble” everything before starting to clean, so we will remove the bag from the bin and take the opportunity to throw in it all the garbage that we see, including boats used of shampoo, gel etc. We will also remove the used towels . Now we can start with the cleaning, for this we will use a wet scrubbing pad that does not scratch, so as not to spoil the ceramic. We will also use a disinfectantto make sure everything is clean and free of germs. This is especially important in the toilet, where it is convenient to use a more powerful product, leaving it to act for a few minutes before cleaning and rinsing well, to ensure that it is properly disinfected. After scrubbing and rinsing the sinks, the bath or the shower and the screen, dry everything with a cloth. We will finish cleaning the mirrors with glass cleaner or with a well drained cloth, which we will previously wet in hot water, and we will review all the metallic elements such as taps, cistern puller etc, so that they are bright. Now it’s time to place the towels on the towel rails andhygiene products or amenities in their corresponding place. We will also place a clean bag in the bin.
We have the bathroom almost ready (we would have the floor), so we can start with the room. We will make the bed first, putting clean bedding . Now we can start cleaning. It is important that the cleaning is done in a circular sense,always starting at one end of the room, in this way, we make sure that we do not leave anything without cleaning.  We will clean the furniture dust (including the interior of the cabinets and drawers), as well as the lamps, skirting boards, moldings (if any), door frames etc. We will use a special product for wood or a multipurpose in its absence. We will also clean the windows and the crystalsof them with a cloth wet in hot water. As we clean, we must place everything in its place: the remote control, ashtrays, etc. What is missing is replaced : hangers, folios, pens … We close the windows and pull the curtains. We would only have to clean the floor, both in the room and in the bathroom. If the floor is carpeted it is best to use a vacuum cleaner that will also be used to clean the floor of the bathroom. If it is made of wood or stoneware, we can help with a broom or beststeammopreviewspro mop . Then we will scrub it with the well drained mop .
One last general glance to verify that we do not leave anything undone and the room is ready to be supervised . Before reception can have it is necessary the approval of the governess , who will be the person in charge of verifying that indeed, the waitress has done a good job, and therefore, the room is already prepared for the enjoyment of the new client.