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New technologies in restaurants How do they help to increase sales in hotels?

Every time we will see more new technologies in restaurants and hospitality businesses. How can these new technologies really help to increase sales?

Let’s see a series of examples of how new technologies for Restaurant online ordering help:

  • Improve the user experience
  • Improve purchase times, wait and service
  • Improve the work of the team of people

New technologies in restaurants How do they help raise sales?

Every time we have to wait to see more new technologies in customer-oriented restaurants in more and more bars, hotels, pubs and all kinds of hospitality businesses.

Industry analysts predict that customer-oriented technology in restaurants will continually become the norm as consumers become more comfortable with it and bar and restaurant owners work every day to reduce their labor costs and increase efficiency.

The restaurant chain Chili , increased the sale of coffee by 50%, sales by 20% just by implementing new technologies in their restaurants with an Ipad on the table.

Here you can see how the application works

How can new technologies help restaurants?

As for the specific trends of customer-oriented technology that we can expect to see in the near future, here are some of the largest ones, according to a recent Forbes article :

New technologies in restaurants: Applications to improve the speed of the order

Touch screen kiosks so customers can make and customize their orders. For example, McDonald’s has already used them successfully for years, improving the customer experience and making it easier for them to buy, as it is faster for them.

Table tablets for ordering , playing, going online and even paying the bill.

New technologies in restaurants: Platforms of digital games and entertainment

These applications on all types of devices, are designed to improve the customer experience while waiting for your food by offering digital games for your fun.

Here you can see how the Pizza Hut interactive table works

New technologies in restaurants: Customer loyalty applications

Mobile applications for restaurants, where consumers receive a reward for their loyalty while encouraging interaction on social networks.

For example Punchcard, is a company that not only rewards customers who use the application, but also fun from their mobile application.

Every time we will see more new technologies in restaurants and in all kinds of catering companies.

Be careful, do not stay out. If the client looks for new technologies, in some way they must be given.

What do you think about this topic? I would like to know your opinion.