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Great KAYAK trip suitable for both kayak lovers and those who have never tried it but have an active and adventurous spirit. This is the most appropriate means of transport to approach the most inaccessible places of this protected natural space and feel integrated in the wild. A tour of the Parque Natural da Ria Formosa, one of the most spectacular and unknown places in southern Portugal. Long arms of sand and sea, a huge labyrinth of water, islands, channels and marshes, dunes and wild beaches, with an exceptional geographical location and biological diversity. From Olhao to the historic Cacela Velha , located at the eastern end of the park, Navigating between extensive marshes and earth languages ideal for the observation of fauna. The islands of Culatra and Armona : crystal clear waters and small fishing villages that rest on fine white sand. Seafaring villages, old farmhouses and fortresses between the lively island of Tavira and the small fortified village of Cacela.

Planned itinerary

Day 01.- TRANSFER TO OLHAO FROM SEVILLA AND INITIATION. (Level: Cursillo iniciación 1-2 hours). The hour and meeting point of the whole group is the train station of Santa Justa (AVE) or the airport of Seville at 14h. First we will stop by our Faro del Sur agency in Isla Cristina to talk a little about the trip to make and collect the material for navigation. Early in the afternoon we will travel to the fishing village of Olhao , from where we will start this great route by sailing 1 or 2 hours by a canal that will take us to the very heart of the Natural Park of Ria Formosa, one of the most important in Portugal . We will arrive at the Island of Armona with the sunset. This first day of navigation is very smooth (1h) which will serve to familiarize us with what will be our main means of transport for the next few days. We spent the night in bungalows .


Day 02.- ISLAND OF ARMONA.  (Level: Low – 4 hours)   In the morning, after breakfast, we organize our kayaks from seakayakermag best list and we start !! Today we will spend the day enjoying this unique natural paradise. We leave from an inland beach and we navigate slowly until arriving at the beautiful and wild Island of Culatra with its small fishing village surrounded by marshes, natural habitat of numerous species of birds, and wild beaches. Colorful boats balanced by the waves, fishermen mending nets, a bath in transparent waters … In the afternoon, we will approach by ferry to the picturesque village of Olhao with its narrow alleys of North African air. Overnight in Armona (Bungalows). Full day .

Day 03.- ISLAND OF ARMONA – ISLAND OF TAVIRA.  (Level: Medium Low 4 – 6 hours). We begin the journey today navigating a large expanse of marshes that gradually narrows to become a simpler system composed of a main channel that separates the dunes from the land. Ascend a hill to an old farm house and observe on one side wide expanses flooded by the sea and, on the other, an old rural system composed of small white villages, orchards and fruit trees. From the Santa Luzia marinera , approach the beach in a small train and contemplate the remains of an old tuna fishing village (today turned into a tourist place) and its trap. The decline in the volume of tidal migratory flows ended with this type of fishing. At the end of the afternoon, we will arrive at the Island of Tavira, a real paradise. We sail 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon to a calm and relaxed pace, with time to rest and bathe. Night on the Island (Camping with tent equipped for the group). Full day .

Day 04.- ISLAND OF TAVIRA – OLD CACELA – ISLAND OF TAVIRA.  (Level: Under 4 hours). Today we face another soft sailing day with time to stop and observe the nature that surrounds us. The first stop is in the fishing village of Cabanas , we will climb to the top of an old fortress, converted today into a hotel, to enjoy a refreshment and enjoy spectacular views of the natural park. We follow the route, to the rhythm of the tide, until we enter an area of arenales full of shellfish scouring in the muds of the marsh. Currently dismantled a large part of the fishing fleet, and with only a few families dedicated to the use of salinero, the only traditional task that continues today is the shellfish. We arrived at the foot of the small fort of Cacela Velha , charming village of cobbled streets located on a sandy boulder facing the ocean. After lunch we will return to Tavira Island helped, again, by the changing tides. In the afternoon , we can take a boat and visit the city of Tavira, considered one of the main historical centers of the Algarve, with an interesting wealth of heritage hidden among its narrow streets . Complete day. Considered one of the main historical centers of the Algarve, with an interesting patrimonial wealth hidden among its narrow streets . Complete day. Considered one of the main historical centers of the Algarve, with an interesting patrimonial wealth hidden among its narrow streets . Complete day.


Day 05.- ISLAND OF TAVIRA – SEVILLA.  In the middle of the morning, we leave Isla de Tavira sailing to arrive at the nautical port of Quatro Aguas, where the van awaits to take us to Isla Cristina, to leave the material, to shower and to eat. We will arrive to Seville about 17,30h. End of program.