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The Ultimate Guide Holiday Gifts for coffee lovers

You wake up every morning , keeps you motivated throughout the day, is brave and strong and pick you up when you’re down – Yes, we are talking about our love affair with coffee. If you’re like us, you just can not get enough of things. Whether you’re a java-junkie ¬†looking to add some fresh ideas to your wish list or you have friends who simply can not function without it, we are brewing up 28 of the best gifts for any coffee enthusiast.

1. Canadiano ($ 54): This exclusive wood brewing box naturalists will fall in love with coffee again.

2. Pour Mason ($ 35): coffee hipsters rejoice! This handmade aluminum device transforms your favorite drink cup (mason jar) in a portable pour over coffee.

3. Espresso Sabotage ($ 53): Hand-carved from a combination of beautiful hardwoods, this is a special surprise for those who believe that a great espresso begins with good handling.

4. Vivid coffee spoon and Clip ($ 8): Divide the scoop to keep coffee fresh with this clip beech wood that works like a spoonful of coffee and a bag sealer.

5. Coffee Joulies ($ 50): Too Hot? Very cold? Give the gift of perfect coffee with these stainless steel “bean” designed to keep a cup or Joe at the perfect temperature.

6. No holiday Martha Cup Kit ($ 30): Just what the holidays ordered: A sweet for coffee drinkers creative gift.

7. Coffee Graphic ($ 15): coffee geek on your gift list? This large jar size provides an eye-opening jolt in the various ways you can concoct and drinking coffee.

8. thermal mug ($ 14): But first, coffee – the coffee lover will agree completely.

9. Coffee Travel Kit ($ 179): All you need to brew . Just add water and a big red bow.

10. Arne Jacobsen Coffee ($ 312): An icon of Scandinavian design, this is the coffee that will complete the home bar of your coffee aficionado.

11. Jiva coffee cubes ($ 15): Perfect for travelers or fellow cube, these small cubes are filled with grains of Colombian arabica premium and unrefined cane sugar. Just add hot water or milk and enjoy a perfect cup of coffee.

12. The coffee husk cherry tea ($ 10): Your coffee lover will think that this herbal tea made of dried cherries and full of vitamin C coffee is pretty neat.

13. Subscription Coffee Regular ($ 30): If barista latte art and jokes are not your thing, get the gift of a good cup o ‘joe with tube, freshly roasted coffee beans delivered to your door each month.

14. Maple smoked bacon coffee ($ 17): Maple syrup + bacon + coffee = YUM.

15. Cold Brew Grady ($ 24): The gift bottle by hand and prepared New Orleans style coffee concentratecould only make your coffee addicted friend – and we’re not saying that’s a bad thing.

16. Cold Bruer ($ 75): Perk coffee-loving your friend with pure and beautiful coffee cold beer. We are confident cold concoction dreams this slow drip brewer nobody will come true.

17. Chemex ($ 38): For those who appreciate the beautiful things of life, and a damn good cup of coffee, Chemex is where it is.

18. Wood-Neck Tea ($ 69): A rare import from Japan, this purist flannel coffee filter uses a dense beer.

19. Bialetti Moka Express ($ 25): Keep your ritual traditional favorite coffee machine Italian coffee. The Moka Express is an icon to turn out the rich, smooth and delicious coffee.

20. Handpresso Wild Hybrid ($ 124): I give a little love for coffee connoisseurs go. Whether on a camping trip or in the office, they can never be without a good espresso.

21. Republic of Korea Espresso Maker ($ 199): A love affair with coffee should be shared with all-this best rated espresso makers below $300  manual puts it all on display.

22. Bonaverde ($ 375): Makers will do … with the world’s first machine that roasts, grinds and prepares coffee. Enough talk.

23. Atlas dress socks ($ 14): This gift coffee-lover is as unique as you can get. Like “have a Brita filter in your socks”, these socks are infused coffee professionals in keeping feet smelling fresh.

24. hazelnut coffee scented soy candle ($ 28): freshly roasted hazelnuts and creamy coffee join forces to give the aroma of coffee bliss without having to make a cup of coffee.

25. Cardamom and Coffee Body Scrub ($ 22): Wake up and feel the invigorating blend coffee with freshly ground coffee and cardamom.

26. Wash with Joe Body Wash ($ 28): Give your coffee lover’s gift really wake up and smell the coffee.

27. caffeine molecule ($ 60): Your addicted to caffeine will Geeked to get this on your wall.

28. Fresh Cup Magazine ($ 48): If your coffee lover, beverages breathes and lives for coffee , why not give the gift of reading about his passion too?