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Top 5 hotels for pregnant women

Are you expecting a baby? Give yourself a whim and escapaos of Babymoon , the last trip as a couple, stage bounce and holding better. Just before your first child is born, recharge your batteries before embarking on the adventure of parenting , for the comfort of a better mom in the second trimester. Discover the best  midatlantic women’s care hotels to spend a dreamy babymoo n, accommodations that offer therapies, massages and specialized care for pregnant women.

1. Gran Hotel Son Net

Puigpunyent, Majorca

This five star hotel, located on a hill of Puigpunyent and surrounded by thecharacteristic Mediterranean nature of the Island of Majorca , offers personalized massages and treatments for pregnant women depending on the weight of the woman, the time of gestation and where the discomforts are concentrated . For massages and beauty treatments oils and other natural products are used for future mothers.


2. The Westin Valencia

ValenciaThis hotel, set on a 1907 building and just a few meters from the historic center of the city,  offers different beauty and relaxation treatments complemented by private Yoga and Pilates classes . The moderate exercise offered is a training for the strengthening and toning of the muscles in this phase of the woman’s body, as well as for the relaxation of the body and the mind.


3. Hotel Balneario Solares

Solares, Cantabria

Thermal and hotel complex, whose tradition as a spa dates back to the eighteenth century , offers specific treatments for antepartum and postpartum, as the Mother-Baby program designed to restore balance and vitality of the new mom and development and Relaxation of the baby through massages. Spa, led by Medical Director Víctor Palencia, also has focused on toning and relaxation of the muscles and skin treatments.


4. Hotel Sha Wellness Clinic

L ‘Alfàs del Pí, Alicante

It offers a specialized treatment depending on the stay and the gestation period of the mother . The treatment has the advice of an expert nutritionist , who adapts to each woman a diet based on Macrobiotic nutrition. This is a balanced diet whose food base are cereals and different flours following the philosophy of Ying and Yang where spirituality, medicine and nutrition are mixed.


5. Hotel Puerto Antilla Grand Hotel

Islantilla, Huelva

The Puerto Antilla Grand Hotel , located on the Atlantic coast of Andalusia, offers a three-day treatment for pregnant women . The first session consists of a pedicure and a full body massage with oils and exfoliating products to beautify the skin. During the second session massages are given according to the technique Oshibori, a Japanese technique, which uses warm wipes and has a thermo-relaxing action, and are followed by other massages with polynesian techniques throughout the body. Finally, during the third session, a facial treatment is received.