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Which best projector to buy for a Bar or a Restaurant?

Many times in some restaurants or bars we find projections where the image that is projected looks very dull. They use an expensive Home Cinema projector but only get a faint image and little defined colors. And that is not because the owner has decided to save on the cost of the projector, but he has not chosen correctly: they have advised him badly.

With this article we want to prevent more owners from making mistakes when investing in a projector, and help them choose the best option for their bar or restaurant.

Where is the problem?
There are 2 basic factors that raise a projector:
· The resolution , sharpness level or degree of image detail
· The brightness , the amount of brightness and color intensity image

A projector resolution high (High Definition HD or Full HD) will give us a very high degree of detail, but we will have to be in the dark to enjoy it. Used to have a home theater (eg Mitubishi HC3800 ).

Instead, when we want to project without being dark (as in a bar, a restaurant or a hotel), it is best to focus on the brightness of the projector: As more light projector has the most impactful will be the image we get.

Of course, there are projectors that combine both virtues (such as Mitsubishi FL6900 : a Full HD with 4000 lumens), but of course, a Ferrari and we all know that cheap is not 😉

By way of balance, and for the purposes mentioned, we We recommend the following projectors that meet the requirements of high luminosity (we have installed them in many bars and the degree of satisfaction is total)

With the first model ( EB-G5200W , the best of the 3) besides having high brightness, we have a better image definción because it provides natively HD HD 720 lines. If we are to project Digital + HD this option is excellent.

The main advantage of the intermediate model Nec NP3250 about the Mitsubishi XD600 is the great FLEXIBILITY installation that provides the Nec. It is especially helpful if our local characteristics we are forced to project diagonally and can not do full front.

We remain as always at your disposal to resolve doubts, do not hesitate to ask! it’s your money and you have to amortize the most … visit for more information.